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The release liner is the backbone of the pressure sensitive label. It is the carrier, protecting the adhesive prior to application of the label.

All of our release liners are selected to achieve a stable release of the labels, allowing them to consistently release predictably and uniformly.

Film based label stocks, that have more stretching factor, require a release liner that performs in the same manner as the face stock. We match face stock substrates and release liners based on their characteristics, for all of our standard products.

For bespoke products our technical team can advise you on the most suitable liner for your material, cutting and end use requirements.

Featured Liners:

  • 60gsm White Glassine

  • 60gsm Honey Glassine

  • 90gsm White Glassine

  • 90gsm White Glassine (2-Side Differential Release)

  • 87gsm Clay Coated Kraft

  • 120gsm Clay Coated Kraft

  • 135gsm Clay Coated Kraft